• The entire area of Dungonab Bay and Mukkawar Island is very significant for birds, and is internationally recognised as an Important Bird Area (IBA). The African Park Foundation Survey in 2006, has observed 20 bird species in Dungonab area.
  • Mukawwar Island and Dungonab Bay support breeding colonies of osprey, sooty falcon, sooty gull, white-eyed gull, bridled tern, white-cheeked tern and crab plover. The Dromas ardeola (crab plover) is only found in the Red Sea and East Africa.
  • Charismatic species were also observed including the Goliath heron, spoonbills and flamingos.
  • Every island, from the largest to the smallest, is a nesting site for at least one, and more species of birds. Species as Sterna spp, and Pandion haliaetus (Osprey) were seen nesting and the locals afirm that all islands and mangrove areas are of great importance for nesting by numerous of other species.
  • The peak nesting time is apparently the summer. Dozens of occupied Osprey nests were recorded, with up to ten osprey nests counted on even some of the smaller islands. An important nesting site for the Crab Plover is found on one of the islands (Brasit Island) within the Bay.

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