Sharks and rays

  • DMNP hosts a large population of manta rays estimated to several hundred individuals. This species has few aggregation sites known globally. In Dungonab we can find the mata rays largest population of the Red Sea/Gulf of Aden region.
  • The manta ray is listed as vulnerable by the IUCN Red List and was recently added to CITES appendix II.
  • Regionally important populations of sharks are known to occupy the waters off the coast of Sudan, and are a very important attraction for the marine tourism trade. Hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna sp) are known to occur around Sanganeb Atoll and Shaab Rumi but also around many of the external reefs of Dungonab Bay in winter. Recent information indicated that scalloped hammerhead sharks form large schools are at many of the offshore reefs of DMNP.
  • Various species of small reef sharks and rays including guitarfish also inhabit the DMNP area. A number of small reef sharks (blacktip reef, Carcharhinus melanopterus) were seen at several sites, most notably on the western side of Mukkawar Island and inside Dungonab Bay.

Source: PERSGA/GEF, 2004; Hussey 2015 pers. Comm.; Cousteau, 2013;