Getting There

Sudan’s Marine National Parks are only  accessible  by boat. Liveaboard boats operate out of Port Sudan to Sanganeb, Dungonab Bay and Shab’rumi.  For more information on SCUBA dive trips and tours, contact tour operators directly via their website.

Port Sudan-How to Get there?

Port Sudan is the capital and main city port of the Red Sea State in Sudan. Visitors can get to Port Sudan by plane, land, or by ferry.

By Plane

Port Sudan is accessible by air and is served by the Port Sudan New International Airport, which is situated close to the city center. It is the second largest international airport in Sudan in terms of air traffic and international destinations served.

First Option: International flights to Port Sudan New International Airport are offered from Cairo (EgyptAir) and Dubai (FlyDubai).

Second Option: Domestic flights from Khartoum International Airport to Port Sudan are offered by Tarco Airways and Nova. Flights take one hour and operate daily except Friday.

By Car

There is now a tarred road linking Port Sudan to Khartoum via Atbara, which passes through great scenery and passes the pyramids of Meroe (Meroë). A travel permit would be required.

By Bus

Visitors can take a bus to Port Sudan from the main bus station in Khartoum.

By Ferry

Visitors can enter Port Sudan from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia by taking an international ferry.

By Train

Port Sudan has a rail link with Khartoum. Trains leave every Monday at 20:00 and arrive about 20 hours later.

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