Other Fish

  • The coral reef fish fauna of SMNP has shown to be highly diverse with over 251 species so far identified, with an estimate of the actual number of species put at over 300.
  • The most important reef fishes to be found in the Atoll are Bumphead Parrotfish (Bolbometopon muricatum), Napoleon Wrasse (Cheilinus undulates) and Groupers (Serranidae), all of which are subject to serious over-fishing elsewhere in the world and which are becoming increasingly rare on a global scale.
  • So far a total of nine species of grouper have been recorded within SMNP of which the spotted coral grouper (Plectropomus maculatus, known locally as (najil) is the most important commercially and from a conservation perspective.
  • Genicanthus melanospilus (Pomacanthidae) has a patchy distribution in the Red Sea occurs on the deep water reefs.
  • The Reef flats of SMNP support numerous herbivorous fish particularly surgeonfish (Acanthurus sohal) and parrotfish (Scarus sp., Bolbometopon muricatum). Sha’ab Rumi north and south plateau are also renowned for high number of bumphead parrotfish. Both sites are also spawning grounds for several grouper species, including commercially important species and host large scale spawning activity on their deep-water plateaus.
  • In addition to reef associated species, a large number of pelagic fish can be observed in the open waters of SMNP, including species of tuna, barracuda, sailfish, manta rays and sharks. Of particular interest are the sailfish that are reported to spawn in Sanganeb lagoon during the early summer months.
  • The Napoleon Wrasse and bumphead parrotfish are classified as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.

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