Sharks and Rays

Sharks and Rays of Sudan

A Conservation and Management Programme Benefiting Local Communities

About the Project

The Shark and Rays Programme aims to increase global recognition of Sudan as a marine biodiversity hotspot and to raise awareness on the threatened status of sharks and rays, and their potential economic importance for the local community.

This multi-faceted programme has been developed by Cousteau Society  in partnership with  international and local organizations, the Sudanese Wildlife Conservation General Administration,  Red Sea University,  SUDIA – Sudanese Development Initiative,  University of Windsor, The Deep Aquarium in Hull, dive operators and other local stakeholders.

Key Strategic Goals  :

  • Promotion and development of sustainable alternative livelihood programmes;
  • Build national capacity to effectively monitor and manage biodiversity of wide-ranging flagship species such as sharks and rays within the existing MPAs and Sudan’s Red Sea.
  • Build scientific knowledge and improve the conservation status of sharks and rays species.

The Shark and Rays Programme is, technically and financially, supported by Cousteau, The Deep Aquarium , SUDIA  and the Red Sea University with funding from the Darwin Initiative UKAid.